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The New Year Brings New Changes for The PRIMA Group

Each New Year brings new and exciting changes for all of us. For The PRIMA Group, the New Year has brought new clients, new Executive Board members, and exciting new projects for our agency.

Our current executive board has added three new members, including a Chief Financial Officer. The PRIMA Group looks forward to the new ideas and leadership from our new E-board members, Ashley Grates, Claire Lupi, and Trevor Benson.

Meet our E-Board:

Director of Accounts Services: Ashley Grates

Ashley is a junior Media Management major at St. John Fisher College. She is currently the Editor and Chief for the Odyssey at SJFC and has also written for other publications such as Elite Daily. Ashley is excited to be working for the new PRIMA e-board as the Director of Account Services. In her free time, Ashley can be found eating cookies, writing blogs, and traveling.

Director of Public Relations: Claire Lupi

Claire is a junior marketing major and a communications minor. She spent the fall semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy and traveling Europe. Claire is excited to be back at Fisher working with PRIMA again as the Director of Public Relations. Claire is also a Student Ambassador at St. John Fisher College and enjoys doing yoga and baking in her free time.

Director of Marketing: Erin McNamara

Erin is a senior marketing major and a strategic communications minor. In her final semester at Fisher, she looks forward to watching all of PRIMA's hard work come to life. Erin is currently the marketing intern for Toshiba Business Solutions and has also interned with Corner Media in Washington D.C. and the Ad Council of Rochester, as well as spent a summer studying international marketing in Barcelona. When not working on schoolwork, Erin can be found writing for The Odyssey, watching reality TV, and daydreaming about future European vacations.

Chief Financial Officer: Trevor Benson

Trevor is a junior Finance major. He transferred to Fisher from Duquesne University this past semester. Trevor works part-time as an electrician and as a managerial assistant with Ellenwood Electric. He has previously worked for the Duquesne Public Affairs office as an office assistant. During his free time he likes to play hockey, run, ski, travel, trade stocks, sell watches and other clothing, box to stay fit, and play black jack at the casino. This summer he will be spending two months in Europe. Trevor also joined the rugby team this spring and plans to also play next fall.

Other exciting changes that The PRIMA Group has made are taking on The Kingfisher Theater as a client for the upcoming semester.

Over Christmas Break, the agency did press relations for The Kingfisher Theater, a new theater located in The South Wedge of Rochester. The production, “The Devil, The Witch, and The Blacksmith” premiered on January 8 at The South Wedge Mission. We are looking forward to working with The Kingfisher Theater in preparation for their next production of “Sir Patient Fancy”, premiering in April.

This semester is an important time for The PRIMA Group, as we prepare for the Third Annual Gilda’s Cup, an event organized by the agency to benefit Gilda’s Club Rochester.

The event is a comedy improv competition, taking place on April 1 to raise money and awareness for Gilda’s Club Rochester. In its first two years, the Gilda’s Cup has raised over $5,000 and we are looking forward to another successful event!

This past month, The PRIMA Group organized the January Blood Drive for The American Red Cross. The event took place at St. John Fisher College and was a huge success for the organization. The blood drive had over 120 donors to donate blood, 22 of them being first time donors. The PRIMA Group is currently organizing the second blood drive of the semester, occurring on April 7th. The theme of the blood drive is “Raise To 100”, in an effort to get over 100 pints of blood donated.

Other plans for the semester include implementing a new social media plan for St. John Fisher Colleges Media and Communications Department. We look forward to working with our clients and having a successful semester.

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