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Leading #LikeAGirl Recap

I am thankful to have been involved in the first annual Women’s Leadership Seminar created on behalf of the Media & Communication department and student organizations PRSSA and PRIMA of St. John Fisher College. Uncertain of the influence this event would have on St. John Fisher College students, we really wanted to empower young women giving them the skills to speak assertively, reframe challenges and celebrate strengths as they begin their journey to leadership in the communication field.

Attendees were given tips and stories from a trained leadership coach, Miranda Wilcox from Thrive Potential in regards to different communication styles successful leaders use. Local Rochester leading

women, Amanda DeVito, Katelin Ryan-Pellett and Sheila Rayam, came and joined our panel and were fabulous! They engaged students as they spoke about their career paths, emphasizing some proud moments as well as some challenges they faced to get to where they are today.

Some recurring messages to students included being motivated, finding inspirational leaders in your future career of choice and working to prove yourself daily. Confidence is one thing everyone, and women especially, need to be successful leaders and reach their potential. This seminar stressed what it means to be a self-assured leader, able to show off accomplishments and deal with difficult situations, all of which can be practiced in our student run organization and classes at St. John Fisher College.

Our student feedback was positive and enthusiastic, proving to us that women’s leadership is a topic of importance and should be revisited. We are appreciative of all the guest participation and are excited for next year’s event.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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