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Social Media Seminar: The Perkins Mansion

In November, members of The PRIMA Group developed and presented a seminar for a The Perkins Mansion, where they taught staff of The Perkins Mansion how to use social media to achieve a business objective. The seminar was held at The Perkins Mansion, and included a presentation, one-on-one instruction, and hands-on experience. The client team conducted extensive secondary research and worked to put together an educational and informational presentation for The Perkins Mansion. Here are the most important elements of the seminar:

SWOT Analysis

The client team conducted in-depth research on The Perkins Mansion and its biggest competitors. They provided a SWOT analysis of each business to analyze and present where the client’s social media presence stands compared to competitors, and highlighted the opportunities that The Perkins Mansion could capitalize on to strengthen their social media presence.

How-To Use Social Media

The team created in-depth instructions on how to use Facebook and Instagram, both at the surface level and strategically. Each person who attended the seminar received print-outs of these instructions, along with a report that focused on strategically using social media. The PRIMA Group client team walked through the steps with the client and answered any of their questions.

Strategic Social Media Practices

The PRIMA Group presented the best social media tips to improve a business’s social media presence. The client learned several key elements including the “rule of thirds,” creating a voice for their brand, knowing the target audience, using hashtags, generating engagement and more.


The client learned about opportunities that post-schedulers provide for a business. The presentation went over the post-schedulers that are best fit for them as well as additional information about price, services and benefits.

Hands-On Experience

A few members of The PRIMA Group sat with the events coordinator of The Perkins Mansion and helped her craft multiple social media posts. The presentation included several recommendations for the Perkins Mansion on how to improve their social media presence and website. In addition to providing examples in the packet, real-time assistance was extremely beneficial for the client.

One attendee said, “ The workshop provided an enormous amount of valuable information to boost my social media skills. The opportunity to ask questions and receive hands-on support was an exceptional experience. The breadth and depth of knowledge and talent of the presenters was clearly demonstrated.”

Client Executives:

Lindsey Garrant

Tessa Joseph

Team Members:

Lizzy Beach

Alaa Yasin

Thomas Moore

Natasha Mezza

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