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Gilda's Club "Social Media Refresh"

By Leslie Noble

The Gilda’s Club PRIMA team, led by Account Executive Olivia Cambalik, are focusing on a “social media refresh” this semester. The social media campaign will run from March 5th to June 2nd. The purpose of the campaign is to increase engagement on Gilda’s Club Rochester’s social media platforms and email distribution list, as well as increase awareness of the programs Gilda’s Club offers. The campaign will be targeting Rochester’s general public and those interested in learning more about Gilda’s Club.

There are some misconceptions about Gilda’s Club being only for women or for only those with ovarian cancer. Not everyone knows the range of services, programs, and events that Gilda’s Club offers. Additionally, some of those in the younger generations may not be familiar with Gilda Radner, the legendary comedian that the organization is named after. By raising awareness of Gilda’s Club Rochester and their purpose, it can help eliminate some of the misconceptions about the organization.

With this social media campaign, the goal is to expand the social media reach and audience, communicate Gilda’s Club’s programs (especially emotional support programs), and increase overall engagement on social media platforms. The campaign will include social media tactics like giveaways, event highlights, engaging with other local businesses, sharing timely articles and videos, utilizing a unique hashtag, a “weekly check-in”, and more.

Gilda’s Club Rochester has been serving the Greater Rochester community since 1959, first as Cancer Action, Inc., and then in 2000 as Gilda’s Club. Their Mission is “to create welcoming communities of free support for everyone living with cancer – men, women, teens and children – along with their families and friends. Our innovative program is an essential complement to medical care, providing networking and support groups, workshops, education and social activities.”

To learn more about Gilda’s Club Rochester visit their website at:


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