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Social Media Week Day 1: Developing an In-House Social Media Strategy

By Kelsey Braun

On Monday April 5, Lizzy Beach and Abby Quatro kicked off 2021 Social Media Week with an info session full of strategies on managing social media accounts for an organization.

Beach is a social media specialist at Rochester Regional Health, where she works to curate content across 10 different social media accounts. Quatro is the social media manager of SCN Hospitality, where she manages social media for four restaurants in the area.

Both Beach and Quatro create content for two specific industries. When discussing the pros of working in-house to create social media, they came up with a list that sums up their experiences:

  1. You get to learn about the organization and develop a voice to advocate for the brand,

  2. You create a long-lasting relationship with the organization,

  3. You become an expert in the company and learn to lay out their narrative,

  4. Foster a sense of community among coworkers within the company,

  5. As a result, you will build relationships and provide the company with genuine branding.

In terms of the process of curating content, both Beach and Quatro agree there are certain tips to keep in mind:

  1. Think about the call to action,

  2. Keep people interested by posting upcoming events they can look forward to,

  3. Analytics is a great tool to track what is working across the platforms, content wise,

  4. Go with the flow and take things as they come,

  5. Be as present as you can and keep your mind open creatively.

Some additional strategies to advance social media management techniques:

  1. Practice taking photos or shooting videos on your phone,

  2. YouTube videos are a helpful tool to learn how to use video and photo editing apps,

  3. Explore social media pages beyond your personal entertainment,

  4. Learn about other organizations in the area, what they are posting and how your organization can engage with their account,

  5. Keep your eyes peeled and look at similar accounts; look at the language and visuals used,

  6. Ask yourself “Why am I drawn to this?” in terms of content you see on your social media feed.

Similar to every job, managing social media also has challenges. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind:

  1. There will be days where it is hard to come up with content, especially days that are slow and there is not much going on.

  2. It’s important to draw lines and separate free time and time for yourself from social media and work time.


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